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Міжнародний благодійний фонд “Добробут громад”
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International Charitable Fund COMMUNITY WELLBEING

ICF Community Wellbeing announces New Program Initiative – Join us!


ICF Community Wellbeing announces New Program Initiative – Join us! 

«Supporting cooperation, agroclusters and implementation of smart technologies as an organizational platform for rural areas sustainable development in 2019-2023»

by ICF Community Wellbeing

Program goal: Provide sustainable development for Ukrainian rural communities through:

–            Supporting rural communities social-economic development projects by creation and development of family farms united into agricultural service cooperatives,

–            Smart technologies implementation,

–            Improving economic efficiency,

–            Supporting tourism and local brands development.

Program aims at: development of the effective farmers’ economies, cooperatives, agro-clusters, activization of rural population self-employment, new jobs creation, innovative technologies implementation, creation of local brands and touristic destinations.

Within the Program terms ICF “Community Wellbeing”:    

–          Initiates implementation of the international and all-Ukrainian projects, engaging donors’, state and private sector resources;

– Supports public, state and international initiatives, which meet the Fund’s mission –  Improve the welfare of Ukrainian Communities while caring for the environment: ;

– Provides rural communities with consultative support on project management, reporting and direct implementation.   

Please address your proposals on cooperation by e-mail: and

or via phone:

+38 044 490-76-29

+38 050 351-63-05

Contact person: Viktor Teres