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Міжнародний благодійний фонд “Добробут громад”
(МБФ “Добробут громад”)
International Charitable Fund COMMUNITY WELLBEING

About fund

ICF COMMUNITY WELLBEING – is a non-government, nonprofit charitable organization that works to improve the welfare of ukrainian Communities while caring for the environment.
Program ICF Community Wellbeing began its work in Ukraine in 1994 and 74 projects have been launched since that time.

More than 23000 rural families united in agricultural service cooperatives received support in the form of agricultural equipment, agromaterials, plants, anomaterials, technical and advisory support.

Activities of ICF COMMUNITY WELLBEING is focused on sustainable integrated development of communities and provision access to markets for small producers, creating new, or improving existing value-added chains, supporting the creation and development of family farms, non-rural business (rural green tourism, etc.), communities mobilization, promotion and development of partnerships with international donor organizations, government and business, education, participation in improving the regulatory framework for agriculture and rural development, methodological provision of small and medium-sized agricultural producers in rural areas, their associations, businesses, etc. .

UCF GROUP LTD. founded by ICF COMMUNITY WELLBEING in March, 2015 for providing consulting, information, training, evaluation, research, commercial, production, intermediary, foreign-economic, investment, construction, trade, recreation, tourism and other for-profit activities.