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Міжнародний благодійний фонд “Добробут громад”
(МБФ “Добробут громад”)
International Charitable Fund COMMUNITY WELLBEING

Our mission and strategy

To improve the wellbeing of Ukrainian communities while caring for the environment

Values of ICF Community Wellbeing

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Efficiency
  • Dedication
  • Sustainable development

Strategic priorities of ICF Community Wellbeing:

Priority I: Institutional strengthening and capacity building. Institutional capacity, which includes skills and technical resources of staff, Board and project holders, is needed to ensure effective management of the program, efficient implementation of ICF Community Wellbeing  projects, and development of new initiatives in support of ICF  Community Wellbeing mission.

Priority II: Attracting of resources and partnership development (public-private partnerships, partnerships with CSOs, institutional donors and authority). This priority includes attracting all necessary resources (including grants, human resources, co-funding etc.), developing effective partnerships with other organizations, and promoting organizational achievements and values through PR. It serves the effective management of ICF Community Wellbeing projects to promote fulfillment of the mission and the building of a positive organizational image.

Priority III: Influencing local policies, systems and practices for sustainable development of rural livelihoods. A fully integrated advocacy component is necessary for the organization’s work at local, oblast, state, and international levels. It is used to support active communities in their work to impact policies, systems and practices, creation of the appropriate legislation, strategies and policies supportive for community development.

Priority IV: Integrated and sustainable development of rural communities. To reach its mission, ICF Community Wellbeing is focused on strengthening Ukrainian communities through projects design and implementation.