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Міжнародний благодійний фонд “Добробут громад”
(МБФ “Добробут громад”)
International Charitable Fund COMMUNITY WELLBEING

Dissemination of Knowledge and Best Practices on Sustainable Dairy Farming


Project goal:

Enhance institutional and training capacity of a training institution – Demonstration Farm. Increase the income of farmers through training on improved approaches to family farming.

Timeframes of project implementation:

  • July 2015 – June 2017

Project budget ($):

  • $ 3 293 327

Project implementation area:

  • Poltava Oblast, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Kherson Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast, Lviv Oblast

Project donors:

Heifer international
Heifer international

Project partners:

Heifer international
Heifer international
Heifer international
Heifer international

Expected project outcomes

Improved farmer education

  • Develop the training curricula needed, with individual training modules and guidance notes on sustainable dairy farming
  • Conduct ToT for an existing staff of Demonstration Farm and trainers to establish mobile training units;
  • Develop a training quality assurance scheme and follow up monitoring system in line with EU standards.
  • Provide beginner, intermediate and advanced level training for farmers on site at the Demonstration Farm. Target of 100 trainees,
  • Organise training course at the Demonstration Farm for farmers from CIS r countries;
  • Organise 10 workshops on select working dairy farms in select milk producing regions. Target 200 participants;

Improved rural youth education

  • Develop an effective and sustainable inclusion mechanism that will help improve employment prospects of students of agricultural colleges and universities
  • Organise five dedicated training for students on site at the Demonstration Farm. Target – 100 students;

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Project results and achievements

  • Inception report (including results of relevant assessments, training needs, recommendations and training schedule.)
  • Training events for farmers from CIS countries